Jeremy Ekeler, former student

I was blessed to have Dr. Jones as a professor because every class was PRACTICAL. Jones kept it real, never sugar-coated, and always impressed on us that the goal was bigger than managing a building – it was about impacting the learning of students.
Upon recently getting my first administrative job I rushed to Amazon for his book. I wasn’t disappointed – it was like being back in class. Yet one thing struck me – what was once conceptual to me (especially diversions) was now my every day reality because almost everyone sees the principal’s desk as two things: 1. A place to drop their worries, 2. A place for meetings about schedules, shirt colors, hallway wax types, and myriad other items that have almost no connection to LEARNING.
Jones was right again…
And again…
Being a principal is hard and lonely. This book is like a friend – when I lose faith or meet resistance – which is often, and from many directions – I run back to Becoming SIL. I realize the fight is worth it. I read this book cover to cover…then in chunks…then bought copies for friends and other colleagues I felt had the tools but not the direction.
I will continue to read this book, write on/about this book, visit it for nuggets – it is dense, it is challenging, it is even frustrating at times. But like the job, it is worth it.