Schools are nine to five jobs

For the last century–yes century–we have designed and operated our schools as factories. Watching student on my block wait for buses at 6: 30 in morning and then seeing the activity buses arriving at 5 or 6 pm—just another day at the factory.There is now mountains of research on adolescent sleeping habits concluding that schools should start later and end earlier—Finland’s 9 – 2 school hours conforms to these findings. We continue in this country to support school systems that are pursuing institutional goals—accreditation, accountability mandates, budgetary goals (e.g. bus companies bottom-line)—but none of the educational goals and values listed in school mission statements. The routines of American schooling—the grammar of schooling—is wholly designed to conform to the schedules and the goals of the adult working world and nothing to do with the working of a child’s mind.


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